About us :.

ALSAN END.EKİP.OTOM.İTH.İHR.SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. was established in 1983 with the aim of marketing the products of sister producing company to all around Turkey . Our company has expanded its product range and the network marketing during 36 years by incorporating the other well-known companies around Turkey (Teker Dünyası). ALSAN has already been a distributor of KAMA , EMES and ÇİFTEL castors companies and it has also been maintaining to market its products to all around the country with its substantial stock. Our company has been providing quality service in the East Side of Bursa as a main office (Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street) and in the West Side of Bursa (Niltim) in 300 square meters showroom and in 500 square meters stock storage. We send our various products from the main and the branch offices of our company to the entire industry sector and to all around Turkey every day.

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